Professor Lawrence M Krauss begins inaugural Professorial lecture series

Last week, Professor Lawrence M Krauss kicked off the College’s mandatory Science Literacy course with the first of a seven lectures series called “From Big Bang to Eternity: Life, the Universe and Everything”.

Earlier this week, a wide variety of friends of the College were invited to participate in the second lecture of the series alongside our NCH students.

Greg Kerr, Master in Charge of Higher Education at Ibstock Place School said: “”I congratulate NCH on a fabulous choice of speaker last night. In all my three years of studying Physics as an undergraduate, I don’t think any lecturer came close to delivering such an uplifting and inspiring talk. Your students are very lucky and, judging by the comments I overheard in the corridor after the talk, just as exhilarated as I was.”

Today’s installment “The Secret Life of Physicists” looks set to intrigue students again.

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