The Dark-Matter Ages

Article by Lawrence Krauss from Slate Magazine

Early this month, a new, deep underground laboratory officially opened in the former Homestake Gold Mine in Lead, S.D. The Sanford Underground Lab’s main aim: to discover the nature of the mysterious “dark

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Does Religious Liberty Equal Freedom to Discriminate?

By: Lawrence M. Krauss - RICHARDDAWKINS.NET

I happened to leave the country on the day that President Obama made his historical statement that he was in favor of same-sex marriage. I had expected his statement to ruffle feathers from those … [ read more ]

Letter to Secretary of Education Regarding Evolutionary Biology

August 25, 2006
The Honorable Margaret Spellings
Department of Education
400 Maryland Ave, SW
Washington, DC 20202

Dear Madam Secretary,

On August 16th, following a piece I wrote the day before in the New York Times1[ read more ]

Vision 2001 Hearing on the Future of Space Exploration, April 3, 2001

Space Exploration, The Next Generation

Testimony of Lawrence M. Krauss

For the “Vision 2001” session of the House Science Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics

I would like to thank the Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics for providing me with the

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Text of Open Letter to the Pope on Evolution

                                         Lawrence M. Krauss
Ambrose Swasey Professor, and Director
Center for Education and Research in Cosmology and Astrophysics


July 12, 2005

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
00120 Vatican City

Your Holiness:

In his magnificent letter to the Pontifical

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